By now, we’ve seen a few drag races with Evolve Automotive’s F10 BMW M5. It’s no ordinary F10 M5, of course. Named the “Great White”, the tuned F10 BMW M5 makes a whopping 710 hp. That’s an enormous amount of power, especially in a car that powers only two wheels. So what happens when it goes up against another highly tuned car but one that has all-wheel drive?

In this new video from Evolve Automotive, we take a look at a drag race between their Great White and a tuned C7-generation Audi RS6 Avant. We don’t know what sort of power the RS6 is making in this video, as we don’t know what’s been done to it. However, we do know that it should be very fast. Even stock RS6 Avants burn more powerful, lighter supercars off the line, mostly thanks to its Quattro all-wheel drive traction.

That same ferocity is seen in this video, as the Audi RS6 lunches the tuned F10 BMW M5 off the line and gains a commanding lead. So whatever’s been done to it, it’s fast. Though, the M5 is even faster still ends up catching up and regaining the lead to win the race. So it’s likely that the M5 has more power but the Audi’s better traction allowed it to launch much harder.

It really is astonishing what Evolve Automotive has been able to do with the old F10 M5’s 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. Putting out 710 hp is seriously impressive and to do so reliably and be able to perform consistently without issues is even more so. And it’s real deal power, as it was able to catch up to another very powerful car that had a few car lengths on it. We honestly didn’t see that coming once the Audi pulled that far ahead.