The next big BMW to makes its debut is going to be the upcoming BMW iX. While the iX isn’t as sexy as something like an M car, it’s arguably more important than any M car could be. The BMW iX could prove to be a make-or-break moment for the brand’s electric future. BMW has claimed that the iX will be be the brand’s electrification showcase, packing the latest and greatest EV tech it has to offer. So it needs to be big and it needs to separate itself from the rest of BMW’s offerings.

In some new spy photos, we get to see that it will certainly separate itself from the rest of BMW’s lineup in terms of its interior design. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

Front and center is an all new steering wheel, one that’s clearly different from any BMW that’s come before it. Not only is it not perfectly round but it’s actually hexagonal, which is highly unusual for BMW, a brand that doesn’t even do flat-bottomed steering wheels often, if ever. It only has two spokes, which is a very i3-like, and almost looks like the new Corvette wheel.

One of the more interesting aspects of this new steering wheel is its lights on the sides of the rim. These lights are almost certainly autonomous driving lights, designed to display the current state of its driver aids. If it works like the current system’s lights, it will likely go something like this: if the lights are green, the car is driving itself; if they turn yellow, it’s asking you to place your hands on the wheel; and if they turn red, it’s about to disengage. The fact that the lights are massive and placed where they are suggests a high level of autonomy, as the lights seem to be designed to easily get the attention of a driver that might not be engaged for long periods of time.

The gauge cluster also looks new. While its shape and layout seem similar to BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional, the graphics are a bit sharper and a bit cleaner, which is a welcome change, as the current setup is a bit confusing. The BMW iX also lacks a gear lever because, well, there aren’t any gears. It seems as if a small toggle with change the direction of travel in this new all-electric Bimmer. It will also has an i3-like dashboard, that’s not connected to the center console, providing more front legroom and an overall sense of airiness.

We’re very intrigued by this new BMW iX. It’s going to be the most unique and interesting Bimmer since the i3 and it has a chance to make an even bigger impact on the brand. However, if the car that’s supposed to be the best BMW can do, in terms of electrification and automation, and it isn’t mightily impressive, it could also have a negative effect on the brand. We’ll see soon enough.

[Source: Car Scoops]