BMW is carrying out its traditional Road Home sales event this time of year and, if you’re interested in buying a BMW, you could grab a pretty good deal up until November 30. However, as usual, these events need promoting and you do have to be quite creative in the way you attract your customers. For this year, BMW went in a slightly more touching direction. The ad below is pretty much self explanatory, but you do have to wait until the end to see why. In this video we get to see a man and a dog on the road, aboard a BMW X5. If you’re getting John Wick vibes already, don’t, there’s nothing aggressive or bloody in this ad. Nevertheless, a lot of people out there have pets and a lot of them take them on road trips because they make the whole experience better. And it’s the same here.

That dog is pretty awesome and we get to see the two driving to the beach, enjoying a sunset together before setting off again. On the road, they act all cute and everything that you’re immediately starting to sympathize and wonder where you should get a dog too (I know I did). It’s all leading up to a really interesting plot twist at the end though, one I’m not going to ruin for you. Let’s just say, things aren’t always as you expect them to be.

As for the BMW Road Home Sales Event, if you want to do a road trip with your dog and you want a new BMW to do that, this is your answer. This campaign is available for customers who have already owned a BMW in the last 12 months. You can get $2,500 off MSRP on a new 2021 BMW 3 Series Sedan, $3,250 off a new 2021 BMW X3 and $3,500 off a new 2021 BMW X5.