Every year, somewhere around the winter holidays BMW is setting up its BMW Road Home Sales Event. Basically, BMW USA knows that people will start traveling more this time of year and they want to capitalize on that in a way or another by bringing a couple of key cars and offers in front of you. Who knows, maybe before you head out for Christmas you might want to buy yourself a new X5 so that the trip would be more comfortable.

Things usually kick off around Thanksgiving, as most Americans travel for this holiday, the traffic reaching its peak around big cities across the US around this week every year. The BMW people didn’t lose a beat and published an enticing clip featuring some of its best selling models way ahead of the madness kicking off. One interesting tidbit we noticed though is how the cars in these promos have changed over the years.

This year, as you’re about to see, the line-up is made up exclusively of SUVs. There’s a BMW X1 kicking things off, raising the ante is the BMW X3 and then we get to see the big boss, the BMW X5, going through some heavy snow. Whereas in other years at some some sort of sedan or coupe would also make itself noticed in such promos, this time round, we’re presented with only three SUVs. Understandably so, too.

The sales figures for the US show that the X3 is the best selling car in the line-up right now. The BMW X1 isn’t doing all that bad either, while the X5 is too fresh to count right now, but will most likely become a hot cookie as well. Since the big boss is also brand new on the market, adding it to the roster does make sense.