The newly unveiled Rolls-Royce Ghost wants to cater even more to the needs of its prospective customers. The new limousine from Rolls-Royce was designed and executed from the get-go using feedback from customers of the first generation. Their suggestions were implemented on the new model, including the Post-Opulent approach. That said, the new Ghost is supposed to be a lot of things.

From a comfortable urban cruiser for busy days full of meetings, to a hush-quiet ride on the way back, through the backroads, going home. At the same time, according to most customers, the new Ghost is also supposed to be fun to drive whenever you suddenly get the urge to get behind the wheel. That means the new double-R model should be quite fun to drive, despite its heavy weight.

The video below seems to point out the multiple ways the car can be used: from the busy city streets, to the great outdoors. Winding roads should be a blast now, but you do need to be careful if you’re driving a Ghost, especially in the UK, where certain roads are incredibly narrow. That’s painfully obvious in this video as well and the Ghost, even though smaller than the Phantom, is still a pretty big car.

The combination of colors on this particular car also looks great, a testament to the countless ways you can customize your Rolls-Royce at purchase. The interior is a combination of purple and black leather and it creates a great contrast with the gray exterior. Whoever gets to drive this beauty home will certainly be pampered beyond comparison. As for the car itself, we were quite fascinated by it, as you can read in our full test drive.