Akrapovic is one of the most well-known manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust systems. That doesn’t apply solely for cars though, as the Slovenian company is also widely known for making such systems for motorcycles as well. Just a few days ago, they unveiled a full kit for the BMW M8 models, covering all the variations, from standard to Competition and from Coupe to Gran Coupe and Convertible choices. All grounds are covered.

The video below is arguably the best commercial I’ve ever seen done for an exhaust. It is brilliantly filmed, edited and executed. The sound is impeccable and the setting perfect for the M8, which can truly shine at the track. As for the parts, well, this is Akrapovic and they are known for their incredible work and craftsmanship.

Their high-performance exhaust systems are made of titanium and they are ‘Slip-on’ as the tuner says, which means they fit perfectly, without any alterations done to the car.

The BMW M8 models already have a decent sound, but they could use a bit more help. The options list allows you to get a Sport Exhaust as an add-on from BMW, or you can go down the M Performance route for more growl. Then there’s the Akrapovic choice, which can be heard below. According to the tuner, your car won’t just sound better (and look better, as those tips do make a statement), but it will also drive better.

How come? Well, the Akrapovic system will apparently give your car an additional 26 HP along with 31.8 Nm of torque more and will shed no less than 11.1 kilos off your car. This means, the titanium Akrapovic exhaust system is 34% lighter than the stock one. Those aren’t huge differences but it’s nice to know they are on the table. The best part about all this is that these products are road-legal!

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