The new BMW M3 and M4 models are quite controversial. Period. But yet, there is something intriguing about them which splits the fans down the middle. And just like any other bold designs, the new M brothers certainly push the envelope. Whether being the standard model or the M Performance Parts one, the duo will certainly be noticed everywhere they go.

Speaking of the M Performance Parts, these are the most aggressive aftermarket parts ever designed by BMW. In a conversation with Domagoj Dukec, BMW’s Head of Design, we learned that the M Performance Parts were designed to push the envelope even more.

From the massive rear wing to the aggressive front fascia and especially to the trapezium-shaped pipes of the aftermarket exhaust system, these new parts certainly stand out. On top of this, BMW gave the launch car a two-tone red and black paint job which just adds even more flavor.

The exclusive photos give you a closer look at the car, and especially, at some of its unique aero and performance parts. The most interesting piece is the new exhaust system. We’ve already seen it on several test mules and looks like our assumptions were right on the money.

While all M cars for the past couple of decades have had four exhaust pipes, two at either side of the rear end, this car’s quad pipes are a bit unusual. They’re huddled much closer together which apparently will also improve the sound.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of carbon fiber M Performance Parts for the new M3 and M4. It all starts at the front with the M Performance carbon front attachment, the M Performance carbon front splitter and the carbon M Performance Aero Flicks. On the side, you can see the M Performance carbon air breathers and M Performance carbon side skirt trims.

The wheels shown here are the cross-spoke forged wheel 1000M in Gold Bronze matte with M Performance lettering. The wheels are available exclusively from M Performance Parts in the sizes 20 inch at the front and 21 inch at the rear.

The wide range of M Performance Parts extends inside the cabin as well. There are M Performance doorsill, M Performance front and rear floor mats and plenty of Alcantara. The open-pored, matte-coated carbon fiber is always a welcome addition to a sports car.

Click below to see more photos of the car. Photos courtesy of @dschmdt on Instagram.