The MINI hardtop model is bound to get a rather peculiar facelift. If you recall, this third generation MINI already got a mild update in 2017. But it looks like the car will have to stay in production a bit longer. Apparently, the Brits decided to give it yet another tuck and lift to keep it relevant until a completely new model rolls around. We’ve already seen it testing a couple of times but today we’re showing you what looks like the real deal, thanks to some leaks posted online.

The photos (you can find them here, we don’t own them) show a car that has an even milder facelift compared to the one operated on the MINI a few years ago. The quality is quite poor as these pics were probably taken in austere conditions, but we can make out a new front bumper on the car, with what seems like an air intake to the sides. The front grille is also a bit changed and seems to be wrapped around by a lot of piano black plastic.

Of course, there’s also a new set of wheels on offer, but that’s about it. Overall, the changes are mild. As a matter of fact, these are just tiny updates to signal this car is a more recent model but underneath the sheet metal things will probably remain the same. We will get a bit more tech inside the cabin, like the new digital instrument cluster found on the Cooper SE, but overall, don’t expect big changes.

The reason why the MINI Hardtop is getting a ‘second facelift’ has a lot to do with the current situation of the brand and the worldwide pandemic. Sales of the British brand have been going down even before the lockdown started and now things are not looking great.

MINI also needs to invest in electrifying its range and that costs quite a lot. Therefore, with limited funds coming in and a lot of expenses on the books, things will have to stay the same for some models, at least on the short run.