MINI and Airbnb have joined forces to offer customers a new type of experience. Starting this month, you’ll be able to book turn-key road trips on Airbnb which include both the overnight lodging and a car. The two companies say they came up with these offers to make sure customers can get an escape from the inner city during these troubling times, without fear of catching the virus, as they can maintain social distancing by using a car and going to remote locations.

For now, these offers are available solely for New York City and Los Angeles city dwellers, but if they prove popular we could see them in other places around the world as well. Guests can enjoy sitting pretty in a MINI while taking in all the local sights and even some fall foliage along the way. They will be housed in unique mini Airbnb properties positioned in remote locations, just right for social distancing practice.

These two pint-sized listings, which will be cleaned and prepared in accordance to Airbnb’s expert-backed Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, are located just outside of New York City and Los Angeles, perfect for a fun-sized dream road trip. The New York one is in Marlboro and includes all the amenities needed to relax and unwind after a long day.

For this location you can grab a MINI Cooper S 4-door hardtop through the Airbnb app. The host is offering this three-night-stay special with check-ins available on October 16, November 6, and November 20.

On the other coast, you’ll be able to go stargazing in Twntynine Palms, California. This location comes with a MINI Cooper Convertible and is available to book for three-night stays with check-ins on November 6, November 12, and December 4.

“While so many aspects of our lives have changed recently, getting away to enjoy the twists and turns of the open road in a MINI remains as fun as ever,” said Rah Mahtani, Marketing and Communications Manager for MINI USA.

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“That’s why teaming up with Airbnb is a perfect way for us to help people escape for a few days and relax at one of these two properties which come with a MINI to help enhance the experience.” Bookings open on September 10 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time and will be available for selected guest stay dates until sold out.