The BMW Motorrad division proudly premieres an innovative motorbike chain: the maintenance-free, self-lubricating M Endurance chain. Chains and motorcycle: an almost inseparable relationship. In the era when shaft-driven motorcycles are becoming more and more the standard, the classic chain-propelled motorbikes still remain the top pick for many classic enthusiasts.

To help them and enrich the riding experience, BMW Motorrad introduces the state-of-the-art M Endurance chain, which comprises 525 pitches. With the breakthrough technology underpinning the M Endurance chain, motorbike riders can forget about oil splashes, regular maintenance and lubrication.

The M Endurance chain proposes a different approach compared to the conventional carbon-alloy steel used for motorbike chains. Instead, the rollers in the chain now use a new coating material, called tetrahedrally amorphous carbon (abbreviated ta-C), also known as industrial diamond.

As you may know, diamond is one of the toughest natural substances that can be found on Earth. It is no surprise that BMW Motorrad used it to create the M Endurance chain. In terms of hardness and resistance, the ta-C is placed between the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) and the pure diamond.

Essentially, the ta-C is not subject to wear-out and, at the same time, offers a minimal friction coefficient, which makes it ideal for the M Endurance chain. Furthermore, the X-rings feature a permanent, resident lubricant filling between the rollers and the pins. The plate of the X-ring is nickel/brass coated.

This architecture ensures that the chain gets gradually and permanently lubricated, thus extending the chain life. It also helps maintain the BMW Motorrad bike in clean visual shape, as oil spills and splashes will become a thing of the past.

In terms of ride performance and comfort, the M Endurance chain is comparable to the conventional shaft drive. Nonetheless, this type of lubricant encasing in the X-ring, together with the ta-C rollers, guarantees full environmental friendliness.

In the beginning, the new M Endurance chain will be available as standard equipment in the S 1000 RR and S 1000 XR 4-cylinder motorbikes, with other models to follow shortly thereafter also as part of the 2021 model year update program.

Until that happens, you can order the M Endurance chain as accessory for your motorcycle or straight from the factory as an option.