Rolls-Royce took the world by surprise when they unveiled the bespoke Sweptail model a few years back. It was, simply put, a truly unique model for which somebody was willing to pay millions of dollars. And while Rolls-Royce repeatedly says all of its cars are unique – as in configured differently – this was the real deal. Since then, the CEO of the company has been repeatedly hinting at the possibility of expanding in this kind of territory, in the future.

Torsten-Muller Otvos has been adamant that this is true luxury: creating a car according to the exact specifications of the customer. Of course, some limitations also have to be put in place. For example, Rolls-Royce has a reputation to uphold and they won’t be using their name and brand on anything that wouldn’t be worthy of their status. Furthermore, even in the case of the Sweptail, the end design was agreed upon after professionals worked closely with the prospective owner.


It looks like a second model is coming. We can’t be sure but a very mysterious prototype was recently spotted out in the wild and it’s definitely a Rolls-Royce. The car is wrapped and hidden under heavy camouflage and we can’t make out details, but the front end is definitely from a Rolls-Royce. The same goes for the wheels. Round the back, things are a blur. This prototype definitely seems to sport proportions similar to what you’d expect on a Shooting Brake of some sort, but we can’t really be sure.

Of course, since we don’t know what’s hiding underneath, that whole rear end could be done to throw us off the scent and the final product could look completely different, with no resemblance whatsoever to a Shooting Brake. However, further hinting that this is a unique new model, Rolls-Royce registered a new patent earlier this year, for a new model which could be just what we’re looking at here. Whether it’s a bespoke model or simply just another Rolls-Royce, we don’t know but we’re bound to find out in the future.

Video: Instagram