The BMW E92 and E93 3 Series replaced the E46 coupe and convertible for the 2007 model year. The styling differed from the sedan much more than in previous generations, and was not simply a 3 Series sedan with two doors taken off in the styling department. It had a completely different front end, as well as a new rear end. The coupe and convertible shared the same engines, as well as the same interior as the sedan. 13 years after introduction, these cars can be found for a very affordable price.

Why Should I Buy One?

The BMW E92 3 Series is an awesome car to drive. This was the last 3 Series to offer BMW’s widely praised hydraulic power steering. During this generation, BMW was a leader in terms of steering feel, and BMW’s that came after with EPS (Electronic Power Steering) have not been able to capture the same magic.

E90 models are a dime a dozen on the roads, and while the E92 is not a rare car, it is less common, which means you stand out that much more. The two doors also just look much better, and the changes to the front and rear end over the sedan make the coupe and convertible a more attractive looking car. The E92 was also available in AWD. Meaning if you want an AWD coupe or convertible, the E46 is not a suitable option.

What to Buy

The U.S. had the 328i, 335i, and the 335is. All of these cars had inline-6 cylinder engines, and were available with a 6-Speed transmission, or an automatic. The car received a facelift for the 2011 model year with new styling, and some updates to the iDrive. To see a photo comparison of the two, check this out.

BMW E92 328i

The 328i featured a 3.0 liter inline-six (N52) which produced 231 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. This was BMW’s last naturally aspirated inline-six, and it really is a great motor. Although it lacks all the power of the 335i due to having no turbochargers, it is much more reliable. It also sounds great too, and has the characteristic inline-six smoothness. The 328i is also the more affordable E92.

BMW E92 335i

BMW E92 3 Series 335i
The new BMW 3 Series CoupÈ (01/2010)

The 335i introduced the famed twin turbo 3.0 inline-six (N54) which produced 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. This engine is loved by the enthusiast community due to its tunability. It is very common to see tuned N54 335i models beating E92 M3s at the drag strip.

This came with some drawbacks however. The N54 had some reliability issues, the main being the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) failing. With the 2011 facelift, the N54 engine was replaced with the N55. It still produced the same horsepower, and same torque, but they went from twin turbos to single turbo with two scrolls. Driving wise, there was not much a difference. But the N55 fixed some of the reliability issues of the N54. A drawback of this being a less tuner friendly engine.

BMW E92 335is

BMW 335is

The 335is started production in 2011, and lasted through 2013. The “s” in 335is meant sport, and was basically an upgraded 335i. It kept the N54 engine past 2011 unlike the non s models, and had a 22 hp and 75 lb-ft increase over the standard model.

Like the other models, it came with a 6-speed manual. But instead of a torque converter automatic, you could get a 7-speed dual clutch. Some other upgrades included styling changes to the front and rear, different wheels, and 335is badging in the instrument cluster, as well as the dash.


A 328i in good condition can be had for $6,000-8,000. Expect to pay $9,000 and over for a 335i, and over $15,000 for an unmolested 335is. 

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