Just yesterday, we saw some spy photos of the BMW M3 and M4, doing some testing together in heavy camouflage. Ironically, some more spy photos of the M3 have surfaced today, showing off the M3 will much less camo, showing off some of its new colors. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we see the same new kidney grille design, which isn’t great, but we also get to see a bit more of the car than usual. These BMW M3 test mules seem to be further along in the development process than previous ones we’ve seen, judging by their production wheels and M-style side mirrors.

We also get to see some of the different colors the M3 might come with at launch. The first car we see is wearing an interesting shade of flat gray, almost similar to Audi’s famous Nardo Grey. While it’s an unusual color for a BMW, it seems to really work on the M3 and I hope it makes it to production as a regular color option.

Alongside the gray BMW M3, there are two more in two different colors. One seems to be some sort of Frozen Red, as its looks to be matte, and could possibly be some sort of launch edition model. Next to the seemingly Frozen Red M3, there’s another one that looks like it could be wearing some shade of Frozen Blue/Black, which looks really nice. As it also looks matte, it seems like one of BMW’s signature “Frozen” colors, so it could also be some sort of launch edition car.

Of these three cars, I like the first one best, with the interesting new shade of gray. It’s a different color for a BMW, especially an M car, so it’s something new and interesting and I’d really like to see it in person, sans camo.

[Source: Motor1]