The most controversial car to come out of Munich in the last 10 years was unveiled last month. The new BMW 4 Series Coupe could be used as a reference whenever you’re browsing the dictionary looking for the definition of the word ‘controversy’. We haven’t seen such a mixed reaction to a new model in ages and the Internet is definitely split right down the middle when it came to the new 4 Series.

In the video below we get to listen to the BMW Head of Exterior Design – Christopher Weil – talk about the new 4 Series, including its huge set of kidneys. According to Christopher Weil, the main idea behind the design of the 4 Series was to make it considerably different compared to the 3 Series. I think nobody can say that goal wasn’t achieved.

Another controversial point was changing the Hoffmeister kink, a feature that has been used on BMW’s since the 1960s. This move had fans roaring once again. For the 4 Series, the team led by Cristopher Weil moved the kink up and pushed it forward, to give the car a more ‘dynamic’ look. The wide hips also play a big role in that area, as they do give the 4 Series a more aggressive stance.

Towards the end of the clip we also get a hint as to what car was used as an inspiration for the new 4 Series and, according to Weil, it was the E9 3.0 CS. What should be noted is that the Neue Klasse model also had tall, vertical kidney grilles up front.

As a matter of fact, the entire nose of the car was a grille with two round headlights in it, a timeless design if you ask me. Whether the 4 Series will also rise to the same status remains to be seen.