The MINI JCW GP is one of the coolest cars to come from the BMW Group as of late. With its outlandish styling, rip-snorting powertrain and track-ready chassis, it’s a hilarious little car to drive. It’s also a rare, limited-run car, with only 3,000 units being made. One of those units went to YouTuber Pog, who took delivery of his GP during the Coronavirus lockdown. And flipped it shortly after.

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When Pog took delivery of the car, it came in a giant wooden crate, stuffed with packaging peanuts. After unboxing the hottest new MINI, Pog decided to take it for a drive. However, he couldn’t drive it on the road, due to the lockdowns. So he decided to make a miniature rally course on his lawn, circling his house. While it’s not a large course, with about sixteen second laps, it still looks rather fun. Plus, Pog looks wealthy enough to pay to have the lawn repaired…

During his attempts to break his own lap times, he pushed it about as hard as he could in such tight environments but that’s when tragedy struck. His MINI JCW GP’s front driver’s side wheel dug into the grass and actually ended up flipping. While it wasn’t a big roll, he’s still lucky that he walked about unharmed. It’s a good thing that he’s okay but he was also very upset about flipping his brand-new, limited-run MINI GP.

MINI John Cooper Works GP 15 830x553


Admittedly, no one’s going to feel too bad for Pog, when you see his garage filled with supercars and his gorgeously expensive home. But it still must be frustrating to crash such a special, limited-run car barely 15 miles into his ownership.

I currently have a MINI JCW GP on test and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s a riot of a car but one must also be careful in it. It torque steers like crazy and feels like it constantly wants to kill you. Which is what makes it so much fun but also makes it dangerous if you’re not careful. Also, it’s unwise to drive like rally racer on an un-prepped grass lawn. Thankfully Pog is okay but that wasn’t his brightest idea. Or was it, thanks to all the coverage his video is getting…