By now, we can probably make an accurate assumption about how the next-gen G80 BMW M3 is going to look. There aren’t any secrets in this modern era of the automobile. Spy photos, leaks and renders have pretty much ruined the surprise but it’s still interesting to see more of them. In these latest spy photos, we get what could be our best look at the new M3 yet. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

These new photos are clear and up close and give us a great look at the upcoming BMW performance sedan. For starters, despite wearing camouflage, it seems to have aggressive rear wheel arches, similar to the ones that made the previous-gen car so seductive. It also get sleek, slim headlights, which are different from the ones seen on the standard 3 Series. They lack the little notches as the bottom of the normal 3’s lights.

Obviously, the big news is its big grille. It shares the same mahoosive grille as the new BMW 4 Series, and its M4 sibling, except its a bit different on the M cars. Instead of having a thick surrounding trim, the M3 gets almost no trim at all, making its grille look almost stamped into the sheetmetal.

It also gets horizontal grille inserts, rather than the usual vertical ones, which is a first for the brand. These new horizontal slats might have been don to draw some of the attention away from just how tall the new grilles are. The slats laying sideways accentuates the width of them, not the height.

What’s a shame is the fact that most fans won’t be able to get past the grille. It takes complete control over the design, which is unfortunate because the rest of the car seems to look really good. We can’t wait to see the new BMW M3 in the flesh to get our final judgement.

[Source: Car and Driver]