The main focus of every car maker today is, obviously, how to tackle the rise of electric cars. However, some car makers have been exploring EVs for quite some time now. The Porsche example is very well known, but BMW also dug deep into the field a long time ago, their first experiment coming in the 1970s, with the 1602 Electro-Antrieb model. Today, we’re checking out a modern-day version of it, done by David Obendorfer.

In 1972, Munich hosted the Olympic Games and BMW wanted to create a special car that would mark the moment. They came up with their first electric car, which was nothing more than a BMW 1602 with a huge set of 12V batteries on board. The range was awful, as was the speed, but the car was a first step in a direction that would end up dictating the way things are done, nearly 50 years later.

This year, David Obendorfer decided to create a concept that pay homage to the original. His creation is dubbed BMW 02 Reminiscence Concept. According to the designer, his aim “wasn’t to bring back all the characteristic 02-Series’ design features at any cost, but rather build a respectful reinterpretation, and above all to keep it simple.

Both exterior and interior design try to stay away from complicated surfaces and busy lines, by exploring a soft three-dimensionality, that somehow is able to communicate zero emissions.”

According to David, the dimensions of this concept are roughly the same as the dimensions of a 2 Series Coupe (Length/Width/Height/Wheelbase: 4510mm/1805mm/1400mm/2730mm) which means it could be done. Obviously, the cues on the outside are a modern interpretation that relies heavily on the original 1602.

However, the interior is where this concept truly shines and I love the way it looks. It’s simple, functional and has a steering wheel that reminds me of the Z8. Maybe BMW could take note.