Watching any sort of instantly gratifying work is always incredibly therapeutic. Whether it be painting a wall, power washing a driveway or detailing a car, seeing those instantaneous results, of something getting cleaner or better looking, always makes people feel good. If you’re one of those people that really get off on that sort of thing, watch this video of an E36 BMW 3 Series Convertible getting detailed.

As a lover of the E36, I’m always intrigued by videos of people making them nicer. Especially when they aren’t M3s. I owned a standard E36 3 Series and it’s been the only Bimmer I’ve ever actually owned myself (there have been several in my family over the years, though), so I love watching videos about regular 3ers. In this video, we get to see a 3 Series Convertible go from looking like a twenty six year old car to one looking like it could be in the showroom of a dealership.

Honestly, though, the best part of this video is the fact that the E36 is painted in Boston Green, one of the most underappreciated E36 3 Series colors. Everyone remembers the awesome M3 colors, such as Dakar Yellow and Techno Violet, but the regular 3er’s Boston Green was a great color. In fact, I’d love an E36 BMW 328is Coupe in Boston Green with a black interior and a manual gearbox. What a machine.

At the start of this video, the E36’s paint is actually in decent shape, just with the typical surface scratches and swirl marks you’d expect from a car its age. However, at the end of the video, it looks like it needs a window sticker and a warranty. Watch this old Bimmer, in a great color combo, come back to live with just a buffer and some compound. It’s wonderfully therapeutic during a time of great stress.