E36 BMW 3 Series

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I need to Safari E36 3 Series right now

The “Safari” trend of turning seemingly normal sedans and coupes into rugged off-road machines seem to really be catching on. Personally, I love it. Call me a hypocrite for liking Safari cars but hated lifted…

What’s the most underrated BMW?

I need an E36 ALPINA B3 Saloon

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I owned an E36 BMW 3 Series for almost ten years. It was my baby. It was messy and imperfect and gave mw w new headache about twice…

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Top Five best used BMWs for first-time drivers

Ah, youth. First getting a driver’s license is one of the best feelings of being a teenager. It’s the feeling of freedom; the ability to go wherever, whenever with whomever. But that license isn’t the…