The end of an era took place last week. BMW announced that the last BMW i8 rolled off the production line in Leipzig, bringing an end to the production span of one of the most interesting – and good looking – cars the German brand ever put out.

Today, the last batch of BMW i8 cars left the premises at the Leipzig plant where they were made, being picked up by the customers. Each of these last 18 cars were created in close collaboration with their future owners so that truly special combinations would come to life.

The final 18 models were done in a particular paint that had not been used on the i8 before. Therefore, such a task created a number of challenges, as the paint shop had to modified to accustom these demands. To solve these issues, the cars were basically hand painted.

“Yet again, we have proved our ability to meet the highly discerning standards and personal specifications of our customers with unique solutions and unparalleled skill,” said Plant Director Hans-Peter Kemser.

“For BMW i8 production to end with a finale like this is something we can all be very proud of.” The final vehicles also have customized components in their interiors, such as Alcantara covers for seats and steering wheels, and special trim strips and fascia panels. The customers in Plant Leipzig – some of whom were members of the BMW i8 Club International – were on location to see their vehicles leave the factory gates and be handed over to vehicle logistics.

Claus-Dieter Bachmann, President of the BMW i8 Club, described the day at the plant as a “highlight for our club members”. The unique vehicles, he said, are the “dream cars” of their future owners, adding: “The BMW Group and Plant Leipzig have enabled something truly outstanding.”

It truly feels like the end of an era. Let’s hope BMW builds a worthy successor to the i8 in the future.