The F80-generation BMW M3 is still one of the most hotly modified cars on the planet. Not only is it just an incredibly popular sports car but it’s also shockingly easy to modify. Whether you’re looking to tune an F80 M3 for more power, customize it to make it look better or improve handling and dynamics, parts and tools are easy to find and install. Making it even easier are companies like ModFind, which allow enthusiasts to easily find aftermarket parts in their community.

Personally, I don’t own an F80 BMW M3. However, if I did I would likely use apps like ModFind to source a lot of my mod parts. Certain things I’d want to buy brand-new, of course, but there are others that I have no interest in spending full price on. So this is how I’d modify my M3 using ModFind.

I’m a man of relatively simple taste but even I like to modify cars a bit.

  1. Aftermarket Exhaust System

For my hypothetical F80 BMW M3, the first mod I’d choose is the Meisterschaft exhaust system. The F80 M3’s biggest flaw is its exhaust note, as it’s just not that good. As brilliant as the S55 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 engine is to use, it sounds a bit flat from the factory, so it needs some help. That would be my first modification because it truly is remarkable how much a good exhaust note can change the experience of a car.

2. Custom Wheels

After the new exhaust, I’d put a set of wheels on it. The Advan GT Premium 20″ wheels currently on the marketplace look great and they’re nice and light. That lightness will help reduce unsprung rotational mass and sort of wake up the car’s agility a bit. Also, I’m a sucker for five-spoke wheels and these would look great on an F80 BMW M3, in my eyes (though, no one has ever accused me of knowing a damn thing about style).

3. Can’t go wrong with aero parts

Lastly, I’d pick up some added exterior bits, such as the Morph Auto Design carbon fiber side skirts. They visually lower the car, making it looks sportier and more aggressive, which would also compliment the new wheels. Plus, I wouldn’t have to actually lower the car as much to give it that lower look, thus resulting in a better ride. So it’s a win/win.

I’m a man of simple taste. I don’t like my cars to be overly extravagant but I also don’t like them bone stock. So these would be my choices if I were upgraded my BMW M3 from ModFind.

The series was brought to you in collaboration with ModFind, a marketplace for all your aftermarket needs.