The upcoming BMW M2 CS will take advantage of a new tire technology from Michelin. The limited edition M2 CS will be equipped with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport CUP2 CONNECT tire. The new offering from the French tire maker has been designed with an integrated container intended to receive a sensor, which make it the first 100% Connect Ready tire on the market.

Driver will have the option to insert the MICHELIN Track Connect solution sensors in order to take advantage of the multiple functionalities of the solution and optimize their performance even more during track days.

Michelin says that the tire is dedicated to 80% for the track and 20% for the road, yet it remains versatile for an everyday use. According to a press release, the tire brings gains of 7.29 seconds after 10 laps. There are 41 sizes available for more than 180 vehicle models, but the world premiere will take place with the BMW M2 CS.

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The new MICHELIN Pilot Sport CUP2 CONNECT tire combines in its construction two polyester plies, two steel plies and a polyamide ply. It also benefits from several advanced technologies, like the Wavy Summit Architecture and Dynamic Response Technology.

BMW M2 CS test drives are planned for later this Summer, so stay tuned for an exclusive review of the car and its new tire.