One of the most interesting cars in the past few years is the new Toyota Supra. Despite being an automotive icon for decades, Toyota stopped making the Supra for years and years, only for it to return once again as half a BMW. Ever since we learned of this joint venture, I’ve been dying to sample the new Supra and see what a Bavarian take on a Japanese icon would be like. Thankfully, I have that opportunity as we speak, as there’s a Nitro Yellow Supra sitting in my driveway.

It might be impossible to not know at this point but, for those that don’t, the new Supra and BMW Z4 were designed together from the ground up by both brands and share most of their components. To be honest, most of the parts are sourced from BMW, making the Supra a sort of re-bodied Z4. However, it’s said to have a good bit of Toyota’s tweaking and tuning, enough to make it feel different from its German sibling. So does it feel any different? Well, I’ve only had it one day and have only driven it a bit, so I don’t have a final verdict on it yet.

However, I’m sure there are a lot of interesting questions that BMW enthusiasts have about the new Supra that I’d love to answer. It’s a fascinating car and one that I’m very excited to get to know and learn over these next few days. In the meantime, ask questions in the comments section below and I’ll answer them as I see them.

Also, just so the comments section isn’t flooded with spec questions, my specific tester is a 2020 Toyota GR Supra in Nitro Yellow and black interior. It’s the pre-update Supra, so it has the 335 horsepower version of the B58 inline-six. It’s pretty loaded and wears an as-tested sticker price of $57,000.

So ask away and then keep an eye out for the reviews coming soon.