Mercedes-Benz has just debuted the refreshed version of its E-Class Coupe, a two-door version of the extremely popular E-Class sedan. The newly-facelifted E-Class Coupe is a great looking car that offers the same grand-touring car comfort, dynamics and style as the S-Class Coupe, just in a less expensive package. Which got me thinking — is there still room in BMW’s lineup for a 6 Series Coupe?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are about as direct as rivals get. So it’s no secret that the two brands constantly try to one-up each other in the same segments. With that being said, the E-Class Coupe now presents a segment in which BMW no longer has a rival. It used to have the 6 Series Coupe, which was more or less a two-door five series, just like the E-Class Coupe is a two-door E-Class. Now, though, BMW no longer has a horse in this race.

By BMW’s own admission, the 8 Series Coupe is a step above the old 6 Series and no longer in the same segment. The more cynical enthusiasts feel that BMW is full of it and is just making that excuse to charge more of the 8 Series. True or not, pricing makes the 8 Series is more of an S-Class Coupe or SL-Class competitor. But the 4 Series can’t pick up where the 6 Series left off because it’s more of a 3 Series coupe than anything else. So it’s cheaper than the E-Class Coupe, less luxurious and sportier.

Which leads me to wonder whether or not it’s worth BMW bringing back the 6 Series to slot right into the same spot as the new E-Class Coupe. BMW not only still has the name available for use but also has the place in its lineup for it. It could also be a nice blend between sportiness and comfort. To be more specific, it could be more luxurious than the 4 Series but sportier than the 8 Series. Call the 5 Series of coupes, if you will…

On flip side of that argument, such a 6 Series Coupe might not actually sell very well, as the E-Class Coupe doesn’t, either. It obviously sells well enough to stick around but it’s not exactly a sales giant. So BMW might not see the point in developing an all-new model that won’t be a big seller, especially when it’s had a bad experience with trying to move 8 Series’ as of late.

However, the previous two generations of 6 Series Coupe actually did sell quite well and were popular among enthusiasts and customers. So maybe the market is still there for it. It’s hard to tell.

BMW 650i Coupe

Personally, I think there are a lot of BMW customers and enthusiasts that both miss the old 6 Series and want something similar again. I think the old 6 Series hit a sweet spot for customers, offering killer looks and an excellent sporty-GT car balance. I think there’s still room for a 6 Series Coupe in the BMW lineup but I’m no expert and there’s a good reason I’m not on the board of an automotive company. So is there  really still room in the lineup for a 6er revival or am I just nuts?