Some car enthusiasts refuse to mod their cars, preferring to keep them completely stock and original. While others prefer to modify, customize and upgrade their cars, to varying degrees. If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll know that modding a car can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. The ability to make your cars yours, more personalized to you, can be a cool feeling. Sometimes, even the simplest of mods can make a huge difference.

For instance, maybe you have a good engine but it maybe doesn’t sound great. A new exhaust can completely change the tone, feel and excitement level of your car. Every time you drive it, it will sound that much more exciting, creating a better overall experience. Of course, a cheap, crappy exhaust can ruin the sound of your car, so you need to invest wisely but the potential to make a massive improvement is there.

Wheels are also a great way to increase the fun-factor of owning your car. A great set of new wheels can massively improve the look of your car, making it more special each and every time you interact with it. So when you walk up to it to get in, you see the new wheels. When you lock it and walk away, doing that classic glance back that all car enthusiasts do, you see those new wheels. Just those little looks each and every day and improve the ownership experience of whatever car you have. Again, bad wheels will actually make it look worse but a great set of wheels can be a huge improvement.

Even something as simple as a new steering wheel or shift knob can be hugely satisfying. Those are things you interact with constantly while you’re driving. So upgrading and improving them makes the experience of driving you car better, each and every time. What’s nice about a steering wheel or shift knob upgrade, or both, is that they’re relatively cheap yet make a huge difference. A new steering wheel can be especially satisfying, as it’s literally the way your hands connect with the car at all times.



While I personally think tires are the most important “mods” for a car, that has more to do with performance. A great set of tires can transform the way a car feels, though, especially if it’s an older can. Upgrading to modern tires can unlock a lot of performance the car might otherwise not have have.

So what’s the most meaningful, impactful or enjoyable car mod you’ve ever done?