Just recently, BMW unveiled the pre-production BMW 4 Series prototype and did so with some press drives for many European journalists. From what we understand, it should be a very sporty car and one that’s even better to drive than its four-door sibling, the 3 Series. The star of the show is the BMW M440i, which is the six-cylinder, M Performance model that will headline the non-M 4 Series lineup. In this new spy video, we get to see that very M440i doing some hot laps at the Nurburgring. (We don’t own the video but see it here)

In this video, the BMW M440i is seen screaming around the ‘Ring at full song. We can tell it’s the M440i due to the six-cylinder rasp and its metallic wail at the top end of the rev range. It also has rectangular exhausts, which signify six-cylinder M Performance BMW models, nowadays.

For a non-M 4 Series, the BMW M440i sounds good. Its engine has a nice, typically Bavarian, inline-six noise that’s hard to miss. It also looks fast and seems to be agile enough. There’s some understeer in some of the shots of it going through corners but, being an M Performance car, it’s likely to be all-wheel drive. So a bit of safe front-end push at the limit isn’t all that surprising.

Of course, though, the only thing fans will be looking for during this video is whether or not they can see its grille. Yes, the new 4 Series will have a massive, obscenely large new kidney grille design. But the 4 Series is going to be more than just its grill and it seems to be a great driving car. Hopefully fans can see it that way when it finally debuts and customers can appreciate its driving dynamics, even if its grille is a bit odd looking.

[Source: Motor Authority]