Straight from the realm of incredibly audacious videos, we’re bringing you yet another crazy experiment. This time it involves an old BMW E30 3 Series, some water and lots of cold. This is the story of a brave little BMW that got frozen solid (basically turned into a block of ice) that refused to die.

The video below shows an ‘experiment’ done by Garage 54. They wanted to see whether it would be possible to thaw a car if it was frozen solid. You may seen footage, or at least pictures, of cars being turned into solid blocks of ice due to freezing rain before. I’ve seen and felt that myself, a couple of years back, and I can tell you it’s not particularly fun. Having to remove snow from a car is a walk in the park compared to having to chisel solid blocks of ice off of it.

As for our ‘hero car’ here, the process was a tedious one. Getting it to freeze over was tricky, as it was a process that took time and a careful strategy. The main scope was to keep the water and ice out of the engine bay. The E30 was then sprayed with water over the course of several days until a block of ice was formed around it. The guys were careful enough to make sure the ignition was within reach and that the battery wouldn’t die out, so that they could start it once everything was frozen.

The first attempt to start the car didn’t work because ice had formed inside the engine bay, blocking anything from moving. After cutting the ice and thawing the internals, the engine started up. The main goal now was to have it heat up and then feed hot air inside the cabin, so that the rest of the car would thaw. That didn’t exactly work out and I’m going to let you find out why and how this story ends.