Life as we used to know it, may never return in full. The restrictions put in place around the world regarding personal mobility definitely point into a new direction, one nobody foresaw. Everyone has to adapt and when it comes to selling cars, new ways of doing it have to be implemented.

Selling cars online is not a completely new thing for certain car makers but it dose pose a couple of challenges. MINI’s Australian arm recently announced that such a program is now available.

The new system allows you to option your car according to your preferences using the website and then pay a deposit online, choosing your preferred dealer in the process.

“[The online ordering system] arrives at an appropriate time with numerous Mini enthusiasts working from home,” Mini Australia said in a statement. “Customers can customize their favorite options and make an online deposit with the Mini dealer of their choice without leaving the comfort of home.”

This isn’t the first time such a move was made. A couple of years back, BMW started selling the i3 electric vehicle online in Japan while other car makers have done this for even longer than that.

The people from Tesla are widely known for refusing to rely solely on dealerships for their ordering process and they are doing just fine sales-wise so far. With the arrival of COVID-19 and the measures taken to prevent its spread, most car makers will most likely have to adopt similar measures.

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“In light of the current social distancing measures, it coincided perfectly with the introduction of this new online deposit customer centric feature. We will assess its viability with the new Stafford Edition and decide whether we extend this capability to our other models,” highlighted MINI Australian in a a statement issued today.