Seldom has it been as important as today to avoid unnecessary trips with your own BMW and instead of simply staying at home. The police in Dubai are now relying on the BMW ConnectedDrive to remind drivers of this even before starting their journey. The BMW ConnectedDrive now displays messages from the Dubai Police, such as this one: “Please stay at home for your safety.”

BMW Group was apparently contacted by the Dubai Police, because after all everyone has to do their part to contain the pandemic. The authorities were happy to comply with the authorities’ request to specifically ask BMW drivers to stay within their own four walls.

Although the request came in the middle of the weekend, the first 18,000 customers received a message within 24 hours. The message was played out on a total of 30,000 BMW infotainment systems when the vehicles were started in Dubai.

In Germany and other countries, the police do not (yet) offer similar messages regarding the corona pandemic, but in other cases the officials make full use of the news service for BMW drivers. The most prominent example is the rescue alley assistant, who has been asking for the formation of an emergency alley since 2018 when emergency vehicles approach from behind in a traffic jam situation.

To combat COVID-19, we all need to play our part. Even if you do not specifically target social contacts with friends or family members, any accidental social contact carries the risk of infection. Therefore, the logical consequence for all responsible people is to do without any unnecessary journeys and, of course, avoid unnecessary social contact.

[Source: Bimmertoday]