While we’re all self-quarantined (or at least we hope you are), it’s good to see photos of the outside world. In some of those photos, it’s nice to see some cool cars, including cars that haven’t been revealed yet. For instance, these new spy photos show off the upcoming G30 BMW 5 Series LCI Facelift doing some more pre-production testing.

So far so good, to be honest. While the G30 is becoming one of the more handsome BMWs on sale to begin with and it’s only going to get better with the LCI. This new facelift brings about some new headlights, a slightly revised grille and some new taillights. So not a ton of new exterior features but the G30 really doesn’t need much improving.

The new headlights are sleeker and feature all-new LED lighting elements in them. That last bit is important because it ditches BMW’s famous ring-shaped headlight design with a sharper, more rectangular design. To be honest, I think it looks good and better than the previous design. It seems sleeker and more modern than the traditional ring design.

Not the Facelifed 5 Series

As for the taillights, we can’t see too much of them because they’re covered in camouflage but they should see some different lighting elements inside, much like the headlights. However, the overall shape of them don’t seem too different. As for the trapezoidal exhausts on this tester, they seem exactly the same as found on current six-cylinder 5 Series models.

We can’t see the interior in these photos but expect to see a few new updates. For instance, we should see the new Live Cockpit Professional, BMW’s new digital instrument panel, and the latest iDrive. Along with that will come with the latest hardware for iDrive and Live Cockpit, which will also enable the 5 Series LCI to have the brand’s latest autonomous driver aids.

[Source: Motor1]