In true Petrolicious style, the video you’re about to see is all about passion and, of course, a rather old car. The automobile in question here is a 1967 BMW 1600, a car that shouldn’t need an introduction for most BMW petrolheads. That’s because without it, the brand we all love today just wouldn’t be here or, maybe worse, would be owned by their arch-rivals in Stuttgart. The 1600 marked an important turning point for BMW.

In this particular case, the 1967 model you’re about to see belongs to Lisa, and that makes this combo a lot more interesting. It’s great to see women represented in the automotive world, especially Lisa who actually gets involved in the work done to the car. For her, ‘Derby’ is the best way to relax and unwind. Driving a slow car fast is still one of the best ways to enjoy the automotive industry these days.

What makes her story even more interesting is that before the 1600 she used to have a 2002. For a lot of us, that’s an interesting change of pace as the 2002 was and still is regarded as the sportier and more valued member of the 02 Series compared to the 1600. Furthermore, to have a 1972 BMW 2002 as your first car is pretty badass, no matter how you look at it. That was also used as a sort of experiment from what we can gather, one that allowed Lisa to get acquainted with the mechanical side of things.

As for Derby, the car is mostly stock but it did get some add-ons to make it road legal, for example. To get it registered in California, Lisa had to install seat belts, which didn’t come with the car back in the 1960s.

As for what owning and driving a 1967 BMW 1600 entails, I’ll let you discover it all on your own.