Each and every day, the chaos caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) gets worse and worse and it’s going to continue to get worse before it gets better. Thousands of deaths have been confirmed, thousands more are sick and tens of thousands are feeling the weight of this virus.

Every major country on the planet is facing some sort of quarantine, to various degrees, and we are as well. However, despite that, we’re going to carry on and bring you as much news and BMW-related content as we can.

Hundreds of thousands of people are self-quarantining, in several countries, to try and flatten the curve and drastically slow the spread of this virus. Because of that self-quarantine, thousands of people are out of work, struggling to make ends meet.

We at BMWBLOG are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, from the safety of our homes, so we’re going to.

Talking cars, especially opulent ones owned by privileged people, might seem insignificant in times like these but if we can help take someone’s mind off the trouble they may have to deal with, or the impending danger to them or their family members, then we’ve done our jobs.

There might not be as much news, nor as many interesting stories, on the Internet as usual. Many businesses and industries are shutting their doors for the time being, slowing the news cycle. We know that BMW itself has drastically slowed down; cancelling or postponing events, pushing news cycles to later dates and even halting production in some cases.

However, we’re still going to bring you as much news and as many interesting stories as we can.

Sure, there are more important things to read about that how fast a certain BMW gets from 0-60 mph. However, it’s good to take a mental break from the madness, forget about the chaos in the world for a bit, and read something enjoyable.

Hopefully, we can be that escape for our readers, that small bright spot in the day.

So hang in there, stay healthy and stay indoors. We’re all in this together and, as long as we look out for one another, we’ll get through this soon enough.

Nico, Horatiu and the rest of the BMWBLOG Team!