For a reason unbeknownst to rational enthusiasts, BMW has never made an M3 wagon. While all of its competitors have made wagons in the same segment as the M3, it’s been the Bavarian left in the dark. However, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from taking matters into their own hands and Frankensteining themselves M3 wagons of their own. Such as this “F81″ BMW M3 Touring conversion.

In this new video from Joe Achilles, we check out this owner’s M3 wagon conversion and it’s very impressive. Normally, these sorts of builds can be shoddy and seem half-assed but not this one. Aside from needing a serious wash, it just seems as if this “F81” BMW M3 Touring rolled off the showroom floor.

The build started out life as an F31 BMW 320d and F80 M3 sedan. From there, its owner had everything from the M3 swapped over to the 320d. Then the wider fender flares of the M3 were cut and welded onto the 320d, all of the aero was ported over and an M3 CS carbon fiber hood was fitted. From the outside, it looks as good as if BMW had made it and could double as a one-off production prototype. Seriously impressive work.

Image provided to us by EVOLVE

More than that, the car actually thinks it’s a real boy. As far as the car’s computers are concerned, it’s a real-deal F81 BMW M3 Touring, as it’s been coded to think so. All of the M3 coding and 3 Series Touring coding exists, which allows the rear tailgate to continue to work, for example. So, for all intents and purposes, this conversion is actually an F81 M3. It’s just alone in the world. Sort of like the actual legend of Frankenstein. Which is kind of sad, when you think about it.

While the F80 M3 was never the best of M3s, it’s still a great car to drive and one that’d be made even better with a long-roof body style. So check this car out.