Originally, the premiere was probably planned for the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but now BMW M is simply releasing it online. On Facebook, the BMW M account is wearing a new logo which completely dismisses the familiar three-dimensionality badge. The new iteration has a modern 2D look and four colors.

The characteristic M logo does not shine with a chrome effect, instead, is kept in plain white. The three colored stripes to the left of the M are also shown without any shades, gradients and other effects. Instead, they are kept completely monochrome.

It remains to be seen whether the new two-dimensional BMW M logo will only be used for communication and presentation purposes or on actual vehicles. At this moment, we don’t believe that a flat 2D logo would make sense on cars that strive in their 3D designs.

As an alternative to the standard badges, M GmbH has been equipping its vehicles with a black logo more more frequently in recent years. For example, all BMW Competition models have their lettering on the rear in the darkest of all colors and thus differentiate themselves from the regular models which wear the chrome badges.