BMW’s been hard at work as of late, developing several new cars and updating the ones it already has. The 2021 BMW M5 LCI (facelift) is an example of the latter, as the brand has been working on an update for its best car for some time now. In these new spy photos, we see the 2021 M5 doing some testing in the snow, alongside an unusual driving partner, the upcoming BMW i4. (We don’t own the spy photos but see them here)

Let’s start with the M5 first. In these photos, we clearly see the facelifted BMW M5 doing some winter testing and its camouflage allows us to see its new headlight design, which looks good. The new headlights are sharper and more rectangular, with sort of hockey-stick shaped LEDs inside of them. Those little hockey-stick-like shapes sort of mimic the classic circular lights of old. Personally, I think it’s a good look and one that seems a bit more in keeping with the times.

What’s potentially even more interesting is the car that’s behind the M5 in these photos. From what we can tell, the car immediately behind the M5 is a BMW i4, almost fully covered in camouflage. While I can’t be certain that it’s an i4, it certainly seems to be.

Judging by its headlights, four-door body style and the fact that it’s fully covered in camo, it’s likely that it’s either the upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe or BMW i4, considering the fact that the latter is based on the former. However, it also seems that there’s an “Electric Test Vehicle” plaque on the passenger door, if you look close enough. That would indicate that it is, indeed, an i4.

I’m not sure which is more interesting, seen the 2021 BMW M5 LCI or the BMW i4 but we’re certainly interested in seeing both. So check these spy photos out for a look at what’s to come from BMW in the coming year or so.

[Source: Car Scoops]