This year customers interested in the most powerful version of the new 3 Series models to date will get to order the ludicrously powerful ALPINA B3 in both Sedan and Touring guises. The same goes for Australia, the land down under getting the attention it deserves from the Buchloe-based manufacturer. The only problem is the pricing, announced today, and fitting in the usual Australian scheme of things.

As you might know, prices for premium cars in Australia are a bit higher than in other parts of the world, to put things mildly. The ALPINA B3 models are no exception. Pricing for the Sedan are kicking off at AUD142,900 which translates into $95,486 at today’s exchange rate.

Care for a Touring model? That’s going to be AUD3,000 more, translating into $97,491 at today’s exchange rate. These prices don’t include the on-road taxes, by the way, so you’ll have to pay a bit more in the end.

“We are extremely excited to bring these amazing new BMW ALPINA vehicles to the Australian market,” said ALPINA Australia National Sales Manager, Phil Jeffery. “Both the new B3 Sedan and B3 Touring offer a unique blend of power, agility and luxury as standard. Of course, the ability to truly customize the vehicle with a wide range of bespoke ALPINA items adds further appeal to the model range,” he said.

2020 ALPINA B3 sedan revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

Truth be told, the ALPINA B3 models offer G80 M3 levels of performance already, in case you’re not willing to wait for the real deal to come out. Furthermore, since BMW won’t make an M3 Touring anytime soon, those looking for a high-performance family hauler with the same design as the G20 3 Series range have a perfect alternative in the shape of the 455 HP B3 Touring. ALPINA claims the first units for the Australian market will be made in May and arrive in the land down under in the third quarter of 2020.