With the new 3 Series available for purchase for quite some time now, the world is still holding its breath, waiting for the new BMW G80 M3 to come out. The G80 M3 is still being tested though, as the video below shows. Usually, we get to see upcoming BMW models being tested under heavy camouflage in places like the Green Hell or at the Arctic Circle but this time, a prototype was spotted on U.S. soil.

The video posted below was shot by one keen-eyed BMW fan while he was going to work. In it we get to see the upcoming BMW M3 under heavy camo, roaming the streets of Glendale, California. And we get a good look at it too, courtesy of the footage. You can notice the wider rear and front fenders, the quad-tailpipe setup as well as the carbon ceramic brakes hiding behind the wheels and the big nostrils up front.

2020 BMW M3 G80 11 830x553

So what do we know about the upcoming G80 M3? Well, it’s going to be a fast car and an M3 unlike any others. That’s because it will come with all-wheel drive and the new S58 3-liter straight six Motorsport-developed engine we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in the BMW X3 M.

We’ll also get a manual transmission and that model will appeal to the purists as it will only be available with rear-wheel drive. Therefore, old-school fans of the car can rejoice.

As for the power, we’ll get two different models. The base BMW M3 will have 480 PS and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal while the Competition model will get 510 PS and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque. The cars will enter production later this year and will feature new front ends with larger than usual kidney grilles. Deliveries should kick off early in 2021.