One of the only new BMW 3 Series offered with a manual transmission was the BMW 320d. But a year after its market introduction, the G20 diesel will loose its six-speed manual gearbox. The introduction of the 48V mild hybrid system will also bring the eight-speed automatic transmission as the only choice for the BMW 320d.

Furthermore, the new technology will increase the base price of the car. If the BMW 320d G20 Sedan was previously available with a manual box from 40,450 euros, the base price now rises to 43,450 euros.

In addition to the now standard eight-speed automatic transmission, the 48-volt on-board electrical system certainly also contributes to the price increase. Yet an increase of over 7 percent so shortly after the market launch may be an unpleasant surprise for some interested customers.

The self-confidence in pricing also suggests that BMW is more than satisfied with the demand for the 3 Series G20 and the popular 190 horsepower diesel of the 320d model.

2019 BMW G20 320d in Mineral Grey Metallic

The new basic price is not yet available for the BMW 320d Touring G21, which is very popular in Germany. According to sources, it is certain that the manual gearbox is also omitted from the sports wagon and the eight-speed automatic becomes mandatory.

BMW’s only 3 Series with a manual transmission is now the 318d with its 150 hp four-cylinder diesel. Without exception, all petrol engines are already equipped with an automatic transmission as standard.

With the introduction of the 48-volt electrical system, the price of the BMW 320d xDrive, which has always only been available with eight-speed automatic transmission, is also increasing. The base price is going up to 45,950 euros from 45,100 euros.

[Source: Bimmertoday]