Now that BMW finally has an M8 in its stable, something that’d been missing for decades, it’s the darling of the Bavarian lineup. But most journalists and publications have been focusing on its track capabilities and performance. In this new video review from Doug DeMuro, we take a look the BMW M8 Competition Coupe in a much more normal setting.

First, DeMuro takes us through the entire car’s list of features, as per usual. We get to see all of its interior tech, as well as its luxury tech. Which is important for a lot of potential buyers, as most of the stuff he shows us is far more in-depth than a dealership salesperson is going to show (or even comprehend) to customers.

The BMW M8 Competition has quite a few interesting features that are new to the M Division lineup. For instance, the new M Mode in the digital driver’s display, which shrinks the digital gauges to make them easier to read while driving quickly. It also has configurable brakes, which go from Comfort to Sport, allowing the braking to become sharper on track but be relaxed on the road.

DeMuro then drives it and gives his impressions, which are surprisingly good. Not surprising because we’re surprised but because he seems to be. Despite being the brand’s highest-performing car, the BMW M8 is a big, heavy thing. So he’s surprised that it masks its weight so well and feels so sharp. It’s also shockingly fast, thanks to its 617 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, from its 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. So it’s a monster of a machine and it feels it, even on the road.

Ever since the BMW M8 debuted, there has been some confusion about who it’s actually for. It’s not for the 911 crowd because it’s too heavy and too luxurious. It’s not for the Mercedes-AMG S63 crowd, it’s too sporty. DeMuro thinks it’s for someone that maybe already had a Mercedes-AMG GT or 911 and felt that they were too stiff and harsh but doesn’t want to go too far toward luxury. That makes a bit of sense. Is that a huge market? Probably not but we’re glad it exists and that the BMW M8 Competition Coupe does as well.