BMW Motorsport team announces that former program manager of the WRT Audi DTM team, Maurizio Leschiutta, has joined BMW. Leschiutta will oversee BMW’s track operations for the 2020 season. Prior to Audi, Leschiutta worked for Ferrari Formula 1 team. He leaves Audi after a successful run with the GT team.

At a media roundtable in Munich, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt said Lescuitta as the “perfect fit” for the DTM team.

“With Maurizio Leschiutta we have a new guy on board who will run the DTM operation next year,” Marquardt said. “We will form the team around him with very intensive work over the next few weeks and months.

“He has a vast experience in motorsport. I think we have experts on all levels, but what we need in the program is leadership.

“BMW runs two teams and six cars, all of them together, and we need to get the maximum out of that. In that respect, I think a guy like Maurizio with his experience is exactly the right guy.

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“I think he is really the perfect fit. Yes, he has only one year of experience directly in DTM. But with everything else that we have in place, he will lead the team in the way he is as a person, on a very successful level.”

After a promising start in 2019, the BMW DTM teams have not finished with great results. Audi went to dominate the championship. Marco Wittmann finished third, while the Audi team posted 582 points more than BMW.