You don’t see a lot of E21 BMW 3 Series builds lately, as it’s not really one of the popular cars in the brand’s history. However, they actually do make pretty good cars to tune, thanks to their light weight, low cost and easy-to-work-on chassis. It’s a very simple car that can be made very powerful and very fast with relatively little money. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who feel this way, as an owner recently built their E21 to have over 1,000 hp and capable of beating a Lamborghini Aventador in a drag race.

This, admittedly, was a rolling drag race, as the E21 would have never beaten the Lambo in a standard quarter-mile. The all-wheel drive Aventador has far more mechanical grip, clever launching software and a snappy sequential-manual gearbox. So it would have no problem destroying the E21 3 Series, regardless of how much power, simply because it could fire off the line harder and take a lead it wouldn’t lose.

We know this because, even in a rolling drag race, the E21 3 Series has a hard time catching up and only does so at the very end. It takes redlining a couple of gears hard before really starting to make a move on the Lamborghini. However, it does catch it in the end and win. So it’s got some serious power and performance, it just takes a lot of work to get it all out. It also sort of sucks for the guy driving the Aventador, as his $400,000-plus car just lost a drag race to a 40 year old beater.

It just goes to show that the possibilities with car tuning are endless. You can take nearly any car and turn it into a supercar crushing monster. You’re only limited by your wallet and imagination, really and this video proves it. Check it out.