We’re beginning to see the paradigm shift in the automotive industry, as internal combustion engines slowly die off and electric vehicles become more and more mainstream. In the coming years, there will be an entire fleet of new electric vehicles introduced to market, from several different brands. While all are important, some more so than others and the upcoming BMW iX3 is among the most important.

Why is the BMW iX3 among the most important? Well, simply put, it’s going to be an all-electric BMW crossover, that’s why. Just that in itself might not seem like much. But when you consider the fact that mid-size BMW crossovers sell like artisanal pickles in Seattle, customers take notice when a new one comes out. And when that new one looks just like one of their favorites — the BMW X3 — but has an all-electric range of around 249 miles, customers are going to be very interested.

Pricing will be the most important factor, obviously, as the BMW iX3 will be slower and have a lesser range than the X3 xDrive30e. So if the BMW iX3 costs significantly more, customers won’t buy it. But if it’s priced competitively, we just might see a huge chunk of the premium crossover segment buying electric vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz EQC can be added to that conversation as well.

But the BMW iX3 isn’t the only upcoming EV that could help change the face of the automotive landscape. Cars like the Honda E, Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and Q4 e-tron, Mustang Mach E and Volkswagen ID3 are all likely to make significant impacts on the industry. Some more than others, obviously, but these are all cars that will likely make differences.

It’s good to see BMW in the mix. The Bavarians have been famously glacial in their introduction of EVs. It hasn’t put out a single all-electric vehicle since the i3 back in 2014. Since then, each of its main competitors have introduced at least one, with some bringing two or more. And all of its competitors have more on the way, while BMW is only hinting at what’s to come.

So seeing the BMW iX3 considered among the most important future EVs is refreshing and encouraging. Hopefully BMW keeps it up and starts putting out more and more EVs in the coming years.

[Source: iNews]