When it comes to expensive classic BMW models, it doesn’t get any more ridiculous than the 507 Roadster. I know prices for the E30 M3 models seem sky high right now, but when you realize just how expensive a 507 is your perspective might change. The last BMW 507 Roadster that went up for auction was bought for over $2 million. That’s why I think the car I’m about to show you might just be worth 7 figures.

This particular car was apparently bought new in the US at Hoffman Motors and it belonged to a Hollywood producer at first. That means, this is one of only 34 that were imported in the US through official channels. Furthermore, it has a really interesting ownership history and it looks like it exchanged hands quite a lot. From Hollywood it went down to Mississippi and then changed hands a couple more times in the 1980s.

It was a poster car at one point, being featured in a couple of magazines and then it was eventually sold to a dealer in Texas in 2013. Understandably, having been driven and bought/sold this number of times the car started to show its age and, according to RM Sotheby’s it was completely restored recently to bring it back to its former glory. During this restoration process, a signature was noticed on the inside of the glovebox compartment.

Apparently, this signature belongs to none other than Count Albert Goertz, the man who penned the 507 Roadster in the first place. Unfortunately, there’s no official confirmation that this is 100 percent his signature as that would increase this car’s value quite a lot.

According to the auction house “the signature appears to match one on a signed business card of Count Albrecht Goertz” and that’s all they’re saying about it. The car will be put up for sale at a February 5 event held in Paris, in case you’re interested in buying it.

[Note: This is not the actual image of the car]