I know what some of you might be thinking right now: BMW has to fix so many issues, why are they spending money on next-level cup holders? To that I think the perfect answer lies in the reason why we love BMWs in the first place: their playful rear ends. It’s so easy to drift a BMW, you’re bound to spill a drink inside, no matter how steady your hands might be. So why not work on solving that issue as well in the meantime?

BMW already has a new system in place, using a gyroscope and movable cup holders, to make sure you don’t spill your drink while having fun behind the wheel. They are not available in production cars right now but, according to Cars Guide, they are to be found on the BMW Vision M Next. The concept meant to show us how BMW plans to mix its glorious past with the future has plenty of interesting tech on board, these new cup holders included.

Speaking about these next-level holders, Jose Alberto Casas Peña, the designer of the futuristic-looking M concept said: “basically, you put your cup in there and if it feels the car turning, the cup holder pushes it the other way, so the drink doesn’t spill and mess up your beautiful interior.” To be honest, I could’ve used that feature a long time ago, on several occasions. It’s nice to have heated and cooled cup holders in modern BMWs, but this takes things to a new level.

Could this tech make its way into production cars in the future? I think so, along with the myriad of other interesting bits to be found inside the BMW Vision M Next. From memory seats that mold to your backside to the augmented reality system that can project a line on the road in front of you for the best way to apex the bend, everything could be implemented on future cars. It’s probably just a matter of time.