The Vision M Next Concept we’ve seen from BMW earlier this year will head to production in 2023. We’ve reported already that the concept will become a proper BMW i8 successor in spirit, keeping the hybrid plug-in configuration alive. A new report from Automobile Magazine now claims that this will only be the first step for the Vision M Concept, as the M division is looking into turning it into a full EV model later down the line.

Dubbed i12 internally, the project behind the production version of the Vision M Concept will have a different design compared to the i8, but it will keep the overall styling cues intact. Under the hood, it will have a new mix of powerplants. There will be a 2-liter four cylinder petrol engine making about 340 HP along with a 200-hp electric motor, for a combined power delivery of over 500 HP.

However, according to Automobile Magazine, on the longer term, the car is bound to get fully electric. The M division will handle the transition from hybrid to electric and the aim will be to have a ‘striking, low-drag AWD 2-seater with a 500 kw (671 HP) propulsion system’.

The report also claims the battery will be a 135-kWh unit which is pretty big for a car that is probably going to be as light as possible.