It’s not a secret anymore that the pre-owned market is doing rather well these days. The rapid depreciation of most cars coupled with the different view buyers have towards actually owning a car means sales of new cars are not growing at a fast pace. At the same time, pre-owned models are more and more popular. Thus, looking at an older model and buying a fun car are now no longer two drastically different concepts.

The people over at Fifth Gear seem to be embracing this new trend rather wholeheartedly. Yesterday we were telling you about the BMW i3 and how they consider it to be quite the bargain on the second hand market. Today we’re looking at sports cars. With the BMW Z4 attracting a lot of attention to itself recently, some have wondered whether buying an older version wouldn’t be a better deal. Not necessarily because the new one isn’t worth the money, but not everyone can afford a new car in the first place.

The old Z4 is still quite a good-looking car if you ask me. Unlike the rest of the BMW range built back when the Z4 was in production, the roadster has a different interior design that sets it apart. It has also proved to be quite reliable, the Fifth Gear people claiming only two issues might affect your time with it, both pretty easy and cheap to fix. The chassis of the old Z4 is also quite nice and has a sporty feel about it, combined with a comfy ride.

If the Z4 is not your cup of tea, there are other, more expensive choices available, such as the Porsche Cayman S or the Audi TT RS. Vicki goes over the issues and performance of each. While you might be put off by the prospect of buying a new engine for the Porsche it doesn’t seem to bother her, making the Cayman S her choice of the three.

Would you agree?