The tuning potential of BMW cars is one of the reasons why people love them to death, including the E36 generation. That potential has been present in all generations made so far and can still be found on certain models. Take the current Supra, for example. It has incredible tuning potential and some people are already talking about taking them to 1,000 HP. In the video below, we have a rather older model on display but with a similar power output.

According to the description, this is a heavily modified BMW E36 325i. Thus, this is not an M model but it does come, stock, with a 6-cylinder engine. This particular model was modified by tuner Boostmode from Germany, a company specialized in forced induction monsters such as this one. According to them, the engine was modified to host strengthened internals and a Borgwarner S369 turbocharger, for a bit more power.

How much more you ask? Well, it seems like 900 HP is the magic number. Looking at how this thing moves I’m tempted to believe them. The footage was shot at a recent half-mile event in Europe and this E36 was recorded at 176 mph (283 km/h) across the finish line. As you can see, the boost comes on really quickly so the driver has to short shift into second gear in order to make sure the tires don’t turn to dust in a second.

What I like most about this car though is how clean the build is. The engine bay is not too busy and from the outside, this E36 almost looks like any other you might see on the streets. That sleeper look will definitely attract a lot of unknowing victims. I also love the way the tachometer goes over the red line all the time. Come to think of it, there’s little I don’t like about this car. Good job!