Currently, there are two options for recharging your battery electric BMW: the AC stations which are more widespread and the DC stations which are more powerful. What you need to know about DC charging is right in the following video. First of all, the DC (direct current) charging stations are visibly larger than the alternative current (AC) ones. Secondly, their output is higher, typically 50 kW, as they are primarily intended to ensure a fast charging up to 80 percent of the battery level in a reduced amount of time.

On the regular AC stations, the charge speed of the BMW i3 is limited to 3.6 kW. To use DC stations, the electric vehicle must be equipped with the special, larger DC charging port. Before recharging, make sure you have correctly plugged in the charging cable. You must start the process by using the DC station display. A communication is established with the EV as to trigger the charging in a matter of seconds.

After reaching the 80 percent battery threshold for fast charging, the DC station point will continue to charge the battery in a normal mode as to not affect its lifetime. If anytime you would like to discontinue the process, you can do so by selecting the relevant STOP button from the display of the DC charging station.

The EV starring in this new BMW How-To video is the i3s model (I01 LCI), painted in Fluid Black with BMW i blue accents. The 20″ double-spoke alloy code 431 wheels further underline the sporty character of this BMW i3s.