Ever since the F90 BMW M5 came out, people have been in a bit of rush to drag race it, mainly against Mercedes-AMG models. Its main rival, the E63 AMG now has proper competition on the drag strips around the world. Up until the current model came out, the old F10 M5 couldn’t really keep up from a standstill due to its RWD layout. That’s no longer a problem, with the F90 version, fitted with M xDrive.

Most videos have show the M5 victorious over the E63 AMG. That also applies to the Competition model and the E63 S AMG. However, how would things go down if, instead of the medium sized coupe, a C63 AMG would line up at the starting line? Could it stand a chance against the M5 Competition? It may seem like a question nobody asked but then again, there are a couple of arguments here for the smaller car.

The C63 AMG is, of course, smaller than its brother. That means it’s lighter and, unlike in the BMW camp, both cars use a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood. Sure, on the C63 S AMG, like the one we have in the video below, it has 510 HP instead of over 600 but I’m pretty confident you can get that power figure with a simple ECU remap. That said, what car would you rather have? The E-Class or the C-Class?

As for the video below, it shows the two cars going at it on a private track, from a rolling start. What’s interesting to see is that the two are closer than you’d expect, with the Merc actually having the lead at the beginning. Naturally, at higher speeds, the superior torque and horsepower of the M5 give it the edge but nevertheless, these are some seriously fast cars.