I have to admit that I was rather surprised to see this drag race taking place. However, once I saw how the two cars fared against each other, I suddenly realized these two cars are closer than you may think at first, in terms of performance. The new Toyota Supra is definitely a media sweetheart. Reviews have been rather good, even though some focused on the BMW bits. The same could be said about the BMW M2 Competition, which is also getting a lot of love.

Therefore, we’re looking at two sweethearts here, both cars demanding plenty of respect and coming with good pedigree. On the technical side though, the two are a bit different though. The Supra uses a 3-liter straight six engine which might sound familiar. It’s the B58 also used by a wide variety of cars in the BMW range. On the Supra it has 335 HP and 360 lb-ft of torque. That’s at least what the company claims, it’s been proven to make more than that.

The BMW M2 also uses a straight six but it’s a much more potent unit, developed by the M division. The S55 bi-turbo mill was created initially for the M3 and M4 models but along with the launch of the M2 Competition, it was detuned and shoved under its hood, making 405 HP and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque. On paper, the M2 Competition should be the faster car, as they are just similar in terms of weight. Furthermore, the M car has the DCT gearbox in this particular case.

However, independent measurements of the Supra and its engine have shown different numbers. The video also seems to suggest that the Supra has more power than advertised. Considering there’s 70 HP between the two cars and a bit of torque too, the result of the race should’ve been different. Since the M2 barely won, I’m guessing Toyota is drastically underselling the HP of the Supra.